Black-headed Spider Monkey | Original Painting

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Painted on January 15th 2020 as part of the #sanctuaryjanuary Daily Art Challenge


Acrylic and fine liner on an old vintage playing card
Varnished with Matte Acrylic Varnish for protection 

Signed Certificate of Authentication Card provided


Animal Facts:
  1. Class: Mammalia
    Family: Atelidae
  2. the black-headed spider monkey is one of the 7 species of spider monkey; they're from Central and South America, found in Columbia, Panama, and Ecuador
  3. this particular species is critically endangered - in fact, all spider monkeys are categorized as endangered. There's no population estimate on the IUCN red list, but the trend is that numbers are decreasing
  4. their biggest threats are the residential and commercial development, agriculture and aquaculture, roads and railroads built through their territory, deforestation and illegal hunting for meat

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