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Dillon, Poscapen Frog | Ceramics

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Once an unloved money-box destined to get dusty on a charity shop shelf, I rescued Dillon and gave him a new lease of life!
With Poscapens, paint, and a lot of love, time, and patience, I transformed a simple green frog into a beautiful work of art full of character and charm.
He has been varnished with a strong glossy enamel coating to seal in the paint and make him shine like the star he is. Felt pads on his bottom prevent damage when on display
Dillon isn't just a ceramic, he's his own character and a one-of-a-kind original piece; owning him will bring joy into your life and your home.
He comes inside a handmade box full of goodies:
- a soft handsewn pillow for him to rest upon
- a handmade polymer clay frog magnet
- a range of stickers designed by Jenny Pond
- a small drawstring bag containing the magnet, stickers,
and a Certificate of Authenticity Card
- a mini printout of his profile (see the pink image)
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