Giraffe | Original Painting

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Painted on January 6th 2020 as part of the #sanctuaryjanuary Daily Art Challenge


Acrylic and fine liner on an old vintage playing card
Varnished with Matte Acrylic Varnish for protection 

Signed Certificate of Authentication Card provided


Animal Facts:
  1. Class: Mammalia
    Family: Giraffidae
  2. there are 9 separate sub species of giraffe; it is argued there’s 4 species, which are made up by these 9 subs as opposed to 9 subs of 1 species
  3. most often found in combined savannah and woodland across Africa
  4. in the wild, a full grown giraffe has little natural threats, so the biggest threats are all human born: deforestation, animal agriculture expansion etc lead to habitat loss, civil unrest, illegal hunting, ecological changes, and in some areas legal hunting, are all the leading causes of the recent status change listing giraffes as endangered
  5. in 1999 there was around 140,000 individuals left, as of 2014 only 80,000 were estimated to be roaming Africa and numbers have only declined since

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