Official Positivity Card | 1 A6 Card & 1 small info card

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This listing is for 1 Positivity Card & 1 information card to go with it - add more to your basket if you‘d like several; please read below to know what the project is about & which drop down option to pick!

Please read carefully below about the new options you have available to you:

1. POST TO RECIPIENT FOR YOU - use their details for the shipping address and I will send it to them for you - this option guarantees the person you want to send Positivity to will get a card in the project!

2. POST DIRECT TO YOU - add as many as you want to your cart and use your own shipping address - I'll send them to you so you can distribute them to whoever you wish, helping me to spread the love further!

3. PAY IT FORWARD - cover the cost of a card to anywhere Worldwide; this option is a Random Act of Kindness and you don't have a say in who the card is sent to.


On the 1st of every month I post about the Project on Social Media:

Instagram & Facebook

I ask everyone who they feel deserves some positivity in their lives, and why.

After 72 hours votes are closed and I pick 3 people to receive a card for free... why does this listing exist??

This listing is for those who would like to Pay It Forward and contribute anonymously to the project, for whose who would like to pay for a card I send directly to the person of their choosing (use recipients address for shipping address), or for anyone who’d like 1+ sent to them personally so they can send/give them to anyone they’d like!


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