Orangutan | Original Painting

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Painted on January 9th 2020 as part of the #sanctuaryjanuary Daily Art Challenge


Acrylic and fine liner on an old vintage playing card
Varnished with Matte Acrylic Varnish for protection 

Signed Certificate of Authentication provided


Animal Facts:
  1. Class: Mammalia
    Family: Hominidae
  2. there are 3 species of orangutan: the Bornean (the population resides in Borneo) the Sumatran (in Sumatra, further NW than the Tapanuli), and the Tapanuli (restricted to South Tapanuli in the island of Sumatra)
  3. their threats include deforestation, forest fires, poaching for meat/crop protection/traditional medicinal, and mothers are often killed for their babies, which are illegally sold as pets.
  4. there may be only 800 Tapanuli, 7,500 Sumatran, and 104,700 Bornean Orangutans left, with numbers decreasing every year.

Licensed Reproduction of a photo by Suzi Eszterhas

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