Originals | Emperor Penguins

Originals | Emperor Penguins

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In 2018 I decided to paint a family of Penguins, the result was an extremely popular design featuring Emperor Penguin parents and their young chick.

This image has featured across my merchandise range and is extremely sought after; I've held on to it until now, but it's finally time for them to see more of the World!

I've decided to sell it to help raise money for ACA (Amazon Conservation Association) who help to protect the Rainforest, all its inhabitants (both animals and tribes), and educate those who may cause it harm unwittingly, or who do so intentionally.

Currently the Amazon is being devastated through fires started by man, and I'd like to donate to help fight the crisis, so 25% of profits will go towards the ACA.


- 8x8” Canvas Board

- High Quality Acrylic Paints

- Signed & date of completion on the reverse

- Comes with a Signed Certificate of Authentication

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