Watermarked image of the official 'Polar Bear' print from original Acrylic Art by Jenny Pond, JPArtwork

'Polar Bear' Print

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After making this print I discovered Polar Bears aren't really white; their skin is black and fur translucent. Wavelengths of light bounce off the hollow pocket of air in the outside layer causing them to look white, yellow, or even brown!

Each piece is printed on demand by a professional printing company using archival printing techniques (Giclée Printing) for long lasting colour.

It takes around 1 week for the prints to reach me before I personally check and sign each one, then send them on to you.
Official Prints are free of watermarks and have a much higher resolution quality to the website images; the details are incredible and look like original works.
  • 4 sizes available:

    • Small - 6x6"

    • Medium - 8x8"

    • Large - 10x10"

    • XL - 12x12"
  • Borderless 

  • Bamboo 290gsm paper, matte finish

  • Signed with initials bottom right-hand corner

  • Signed/numbered Certificate of Authenticity

  • Shipped flat

  • Species factsheet included 

  • I use plastic free, 100% recyclable packaging

Please email me at jpartwork@outlook.com to discuss quicker delivery times, or if you've your own commission requests. 

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