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Positivity Card Project | Pay It Forward

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The Positivity Card Project

This listing covers the the cost of 1 card plus postage (to anywhere worldwide)

By purchasing a card you help me to afford more than 3 per month and help spread positivity further!

You do not receive a card yourself, but as a Random Act of Kindness you cover the cost of a card to someone in need of some positivity!!

You can always join in voting for who you think deserves one, but a purchase won't guarantee your vote wins - part of the idea is to Pay it Forward and keep it entirely random!


On the 1st of every Month I post about the Project on Social Media:

Instagram & Facebook

I ask everyone who they feel deserves some positivity in their lives, and why.
Reasons can vary from a hard working Mum to an NHS worker, a loving boyfriend to a widowed Nan - there are no rules; if you feel they deserve it vote for them!
After 72 hours votes are closed, and I pick 3 people to receive a card in the post - one which I personally fill with Positivity!
I don't sign the card from anyone - it's kept anonymous as a Random Act of Kindness.
I add a little bit of information about the Project inside, because there are people out there who may find it uncomfortable to receive a card without knowing it's origin.

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