Tasmanian Devil | Original Painting

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Painted on January 19th 2020 as part of the #sanctuaryjanuary Daily Art Challenge


Acrylic and fine liner on an old vintage playing card
Varnished with Matte Acrylic Varnish for protection 

Signed Certificate of Authentication Card provided


Animal Facts:
  1. Class: Mammalia
    Family: Dasyuridae
  2. found only on the island state of Tasmania including the tiny east-coast Maria Island where there is a conservation project with disease-free animals
  3. the total estimated population is 15,000-50,000
  4. threats include the devil facial rumour which drastically reduced the population in the late 1990s and has since led to programs being undertaken to control the impact of the disease. Collisions with motorcycles are another risk, but the biggest is disease.

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