Watermarked image of the official 'Red-eyed Tree Frog' print from original Acrylic Art by Jenny Pond, JPArtwork

'Red-eyed Tree Frog' | Art Print

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Frogs are fascinating, and this colourful Tree Frog makes for a really eye-catching print! Tree Frogs have a defence called 'startle colouration'; he disorientates predators with his colours before hopping away!

Official Prints are free of watermarks and have a much higher resolution quality to the website images; the details are incredible and look like original works.
  • 3 sizes available:

    • Small - 4x6"

    • Medium - 6x8"

    • Large - 8x10“

  • 1” white border
  • Bamboo 290gsm paper, matte finish

  • Signed with initials bottom right-hand corner

  • Signed/numbered Certificate of Authenticity

  • Shipped flat

  • Species factsheet included 

  • For posting I use plastic free, 100% recyclable packaging (envelopes, tape etc)

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