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I've no idea what I'm doing, but I'm doing it anyway! | The Daily Artfart

I'm pretty sure that's and existing philosophy, right? If not, then it is now!

I've read countless posts telling me a blog would be a great idea and because I hate to be a sheep, I ignored the suggestions for a long time and pretended I didn't need the extra help. Turns out I'm not that special and it's not always a bad idea to follow the crowd; after all, Brits don't crowd or queue for no good reason.

I'll keep this entry brief like the UK's summer, and simply let you know this will be an eclectic mix of life and art related posts.

At times it may be raw reality in all its shit show glory - or it'll be just shit, and no show - because I may be an artist but I'm also human (yes really).

Life has frequent ups and downs, and I often have 'brain farts' where nothing makes sense and I'll blink into an empty abyss. These have made way for 'art farts' which are similar but purely art related; my life is full of these and the only bonus is the smell - or lack of.

And so 'The Daily Artfart' is born where ironically, daily brain farts may result in less than daily posts - but who's going to tell me off? (Hint: me, when I overly self criticise and decide I'm useless at everything.. wait, that's relatable right? I'm not the only one who does that?)

Ah well, I've no idea what I'm doing, but I'm doing it anyway!

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