Amazon Rainforest Fires

Help me Save the Amazon Rainforest!

Are you aware of the situation in Brazil at the moment? 

The Amazon Rainforest has been burning for weeks at an alarming rate due to fires started by man - the new President has allowed for farmers to illegally start and unbelievable amount of fires in order to make space for 2 things: grazing areas for cattle, and land to grow crops for animals in agriculture. 

The Amazon provides 20% of the Planets oxygen and this move is literally prioritising Beef over being able to breathe - how is this even justifiable??
I discovered Sao Paulo was plunged into darkness due to the smoke from the wide spread fires, and honestly, can you even imagine waking up one day and the sun never rising? How terrifying would that be??

Indigenous Tribes are having their homes destroyed, and an ecosystem full of important biodiversity is dying every day and 
I can't sit back and do nothing!
I decided to donate a % of my profits from prints towards ACA (Amazon Conservation Association) who actively work towards protecting the rainforest and all it's inhabitants (human and non-human), and educating those who may unwittingly do damage, and those who choose to intentionally.

And in case you think 'surely selling prints is contributing to the problem?' I can assure you they are all on printed onto High Quality Bamboo paper which means they aren't contributing to deforestation!

I've never liked the idea of cutting down new trees (which take YEARS to grow) when we have enough we can recycle - as well as alternatives which take only months to reach harvest point. For these reasons I knew from the get go I'd like to use Bamboo for my prints. Alongside this, the majority of the paper used in all other areas (merchandise and packaging) is made from recycled sources too, and I'm working on replacing any paper which isn't to that which is.



Let's work together to save the Planet!!

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