Amazon Rainforest trees

Why is the Amazon important?

The Amazon is the world's largest Rainforest, covering 2.72 millions square miles (6.9 million square kilometres) with roughly 16,000 species of tree, and 390 billion individual trees.

The biggest threat to the Amazon is humans, not including indigenous tribes who take upmost care of the place they call home.

2.2 billion tonnes of Carbon Dioxide are absorbed by the Amazon every year, and deforestation leads to absorbed carbon being re-emitted back into the atmosphere. The Amazon holds more Carbon than the planet can handle, and are known as the Lungs of the Earth.

The Amazon has a tipping point and once reached it is unlikely it will be able to recover. Without it we will face extreme changes in weather, leading to devastating effects on the Worlds ecosystem, and altering life as we know it forever.

Brazils President Jair Bolsonaro permitted illegal fires for deforestation purposes starting August 10, 2019. These fires are devastating the Rainforest at a rate of roughly 3 football pitches per minute; aka a speed my little brain can hardly fathom, and a size too big to be comfortable about.

So how can YOU help?


Buy a Print/Original today!

For every print/original purchased I'll donate a % of profits to ACA (Amazon Conservation Association) to help with their efforts to save the Rainforest.

Donations if you personally buy:

1x print = 25%
2x prints = 30%
2+ prints = 35%

Any original = 25%

Be Consumption Conscious

Check sources: are they sustainable? Do you buy items made from wood/paper which comes from the Amazon? Or any major Rainforest?

Switch from paper/wood to alternatives: bamboo (like my Prints!), hemp, and even stone paper all exist, and paper made from 100% recycled materials at least means no new trees were felled.

Reduce Beef/meat consumption

70% of deforestation is for grazing cattle, or soy to feed livestock; 90% of soy Worldwide (plus 50% of grain & 40% of fish) are fed to livestock.

Soy given to Livestock every year could feed 1.29 billion people (for grain it's 5.58 billion) while the total meat produced yearly feeds only 863 million.

If food given to animals were fed to humans we'd feed 5.2 billion extra people; saving land cleared for livestock & surplus crops.


Choose your print today, and help save the Amazon!












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