'How to be more efficient; strategies anyone can use at home or in the workplace!' | The Daily Artfart

'How to be more efficient; strategies anyone can use at home or in the workplace!' | The Daily Artfart

In my last post 'The Efficiency Laundry' I explained the beginning of a lesson I attended last week (by the wonderful Paula at Bookers & Bolton Solicitors) which involved learning about the 4 Tendencies and how they effect us personally in being efficient both in day to day life, and at the work place.

In a crazy turn of events I turned out to be an Obliger who is in the midst of 'Obliger Rebellion' - an Obliger is someone who is usually great at meeting other peoples expectations/obligations, but struggles with meeting their own. An Obliger-Rebellion is the same except when someone reaches a point of 'enough is enough' and rebels against most/all obligations or expectations from others. A good example is self-sabotaging turning up somewhere by either cancelling or turning up late despite having been able to make it on time.

Learning this has been an eye-opener, albeit a slightly terrifying realisation of the battle I'm against! Struggling to stick to my own expectations and rebelling against everyone else's puts me in a vicious circle of getting very little done, faffing about, distracting with everything but the task I'm supposed to do, and avoiding, avoiding, avoiding. Bloody hell, I think I'm in trouble!

What strategies do you currently use to become more efficient? 

Personally I don't have very many, sometimes I'm able to focus my mindset in the right direction and get an hour or 2 of work done on the prioritised task, but often my 'efficiency' is hiding a truth; I got X, Y and Z done because I was avoiding task A.

A good example is recently I started drawing out ideas for words and phrases to customise greetings cards by hand (just like this flamingo birthday card), then I started making fabric gift bags as an eco-alternative I could offer (here's the mock-up), before spotting 2 ornate chairs on Facebook and deciding 'I MUST have those, I want to paint them!' .. which all sounds productive except I've not finished a single task, picked a new project, started a blog, and I still haven't finished priority number 1 - a Flamingo painting I'm currently in the middle of *huge face palm*

I could melt down at this, but being aware of it is helpful and I can see why I end up in the vicious circles I get myself in to. 

So my task for you is to identify what strategies you use; note down which ones work, but be honest with yourself about what doesn't and where you slip up.

Do not deny your downfalls because by doing so you will deny yourself of change; accept and embrace your 'imperfections' and you will find the process much easier. 

'We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.' - Carl Jung, Swiss Psychologist

'The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.' - Carl Rogers

'We hear you, but what about the strategies??'

Alright, alright, alright. This post is becoming lengthier than intended so I'm going to break this into two posts - not to be annoying, but because the strategies require explaining and deserve attention; trust me, they're worth the wait! I'll end this post with a task we were given during the session, it came after already discussing some strategies but I feel in this recap it would be beneficial to do it beforehand.

Your task is to answer this; WIIFM?

Aka: What's In It For Me?

What will YOU gain from being more efficient? Because as much as efficiency will benefit those around us, the majority of often struggle to make changes if we don't fully believe there will be anything in it for ourselves.

What do/will YOU gain from being self-employed? Thinking about the positives of being your own Boss will help you feel more incentive to improve efficiency; an inefficient business won't pay the bills, and is likely to sink faster than the Titanic.

To help you start, here's my initial list - it's personal and honest which I hope inspires you to dig deep and really put some truths down onto paper to motivate yourself.

  • Enjoyment

  • Satisfaction

  • Freedom

  • I get to spread my Artwork Worldwide

  • Allows me to be creative for a living

  • Independency

  • I choose my Work Space/Office/Location

  • Financial gain/freedom

  • I could move out from my parents home!

  • I would be able to come off benefits

  • Despite suffering with Mental Health it would allow me to work and have an income (currently signed off, unable to work a 'proper' job)

  • Being my own Boss means when I need days off due to health, I can take them

  • A better, more inspiring life

  • No 9-5!

  • Achievement and feeling accomplished - I often struggle to feel like I've managed either of these

  • Time freedom/flexibility with free time

  • Choice

  • Afford the lifestyle I desire

Now grab a cuppa (the peacock is my favourite mug for drinks!)  take 5 minutes or more and write down your own list. Go!



Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


Wow! You are amazingly honest and maybe the best student I ever had! To hear my words back and how you have really used them to think about your life is super inspiring. Thank you!

What’s In It For Me?
Because I have become more efficient I choose not to start work until 10am – which in itself makes me even more efficient because I am less tired and grumpy! I get more done and I am more able to problem solve.

I try and be solution focused at work – take the why out of a problem until you have time to think about it and figure out how to fix it first. It’s easier to think about why stuff happened (which is good for learning how not to let it happen again) when it is no longer happening!

Thank you again for sharing this.


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